Jelena Marković

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BACKGROUND Glutathione is considered essential for survival in mammalian cells and yeast but not in prokaryotic cells. The presence of a nuclear pool of glutathione has been demonstrated but its role in cellular proliferation and differentiation is still a matter of debate. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We have studied proliferation of 3T3 fibroblasts for a period(More)
BACKGROUND Kindler Syndrome (KS) is an autosomal recessive skin disorder characterized by skin blistering, photosensitivity, premature aging, and propensity to skin cancer. In spite of the knowledge underlying cause of this disease involving mutations of FERMT1 (fermitin family member 1), and efforts to characterize genotype-phenotype correlations, the(More)
Proteolysis-inducing factor/dermcidin (PIF/DCD) is a novel human gene, located on chromosome 12, locus 12q13.1, that encodes a secreted 110-amino acid protein. Two transcripts for the protein have been identified in normal skin, breast, placenta and brain, and in various primary and metastatic tumor cells. The putative native-state structure of PIF/DCD has(More)
Despite significant progress, the molecular mechanisms responsible for pancreatic beta cell depletion and development of diabetes remain poorly defined. At present, there is no preventive measure against diabetes. The positive impact of CXCL12 expression on the pancreatic beta cell prosurvival phenotype initiated this study. Our aim was to provide novel(More)
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