Jelena Lević

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Photoacoustic imaging of living subjects offers higher spatial resolution and allows deeper tissues to be imaged compared with most optical imaging techniques. As many diseases do not exhibit a natural photoacoustic contrast, especially in their early stages, it is necessary to administer a photoacoustic contrast agent. A number of contrast agents for(More)
Anisotropic colloidal hybrid nanoparticles exhibit superior optical and physical properties compared to their counterparts with regular architectures. We herein developed a controlled, stepwise strategy to build novel, anisotropic, branched, gold nanoarchitectures (Au-tripods) with predetermined composition and morphology for bioimaging. The resultant(More)
F18 2-Fluoro 2-deoxyglucose (FDG) has been the gold standard in positron emission tomography (PET) oncologic imaging since its introduction into the clinics several years ago. Seeking to complement FDG in the diagnosis of breast cancer using radio labeled fructose based analogs, we investigated the expression of the chief fructose transporter-GLUT 5 in(More)
Fusarium species, particularly Fusarium graminearum and F. culmorum, are the main cause of trichothecene type B contamination in cereals. Data on the distribution of Fusarium trichothecene genotypes in cereals in Europe are scattered in time and space. Furthermore, a common core set of related variables (sampling method, host cultivar, previous crop, etc.)(More)
(2012): Diversity of the Fusarium verticillioides and F. proliferatum isolates according to their fumonisin B 1 production potencial and origin Species of the genus Fusarium are characterised by the exceptional intraspecies and interspecies variability in respect to morphological, physiological and genetic properties. Intraspecies and interspecies diversity(More)
The frequency and incidence of fungi, as well as their interdependence, on rachis and grain of 14 wheat cultivars grown under 19 different agroecological conditions in Serbia, were studied. Out of the 23 identified fungal genera, a significantly higher number of species was isolated and identified from rachides (22) than from kernels of wheat (9). Fusarium(More)
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