Jelena Godjevac

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This document describes the architecture of neuro fuzzy systems. First part of the document provides a review of general notions of fuzzy logic, and structure of fuzzy systems. A procedure and different types of fuzzy reasoning are described. The second part is devoted to the neural networks and to the simplest model of artificial neuron. In the third part,(More)
The goal of this work is to compare fuzzy, neural network and neuro-fuzzy approaches to the control of mobile robots. The rst part of this paper is devoted to the formal framework of fuzzy controllers. Results of an example of their use for a mobile robot are discussed. As an experimental platform, the Khepera mobile robot is used. The same example is(More)
We report students' experiments with a small mobile robot, Khepera, developed at the Mi-crocomputing Laboratory of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (LAMI{EPFL). Khepera makes teaching of programming languages and control theory easier and more compelling for students. In the experiments reported in this paper, students learn to write programs by(More)
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