Jelena Filipović-Grčić

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Controlled drug release in the CNS and PNS is still an obstacle to the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. We have prepared a variety of microspheres containing either ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) or genetically engineered cells able to synthesize and release this cytokine. CNTF is a multifunctional cytokine that can regulate the survival and(More)
We demonstrated that genetically modified fibroblasts can be encapsulated into biocompatible, biodegradable spheres retaining their viability and capacity to continuously secrete nerve growth factor (NGF) for at least two months. Genetically engineered rat fibroblasts producing NGF were encapsulated in an alginate-polylysine gel with the ultimate objective(More)
A series of mucoadhesive disks with celecoxib as a model drug of very low aqueous solubility were prepared and characterized. Two polymers of polyaspartamide type, poly[alpha,beta-(N-2-hydroxyethyl-DL-aspartamide)] (PHEA, 1) and its thiolated analogue poly[alpha,beta-(N-2-hydroxyethyl-DL-aspartamide)]-poly[alpha,beta-(N-2-thioethyl-DL-aspartamide)](More)
OBJECTIVE The present study is focused on optimization of elastic liposomes-in-vehicle formulations in respect to drug release and formulation properties. By combining penetration potential of elastic liposomes containing high ratio of entrapped drug and physicochemical properties of vehicles, both affecting the release and texture properties, optimal(More)
Two types of polymer-drug conjugates were synthesized starting from styrene-maleic acid anhydride copolymer (SMA). Fenoprofen and gemfibrozil were chosen as model drugs because of their short plasma half lives. Both drugs were first converted to their 2-aminoethylamides, which possess free amino groups capable of reacting with SMA anhydride rings. By(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF) and monosialoganglioside GM1 were microencapsulated in biodegradable co-polymer poly(L-lactide):co-glycolide and administered locally to rats with unilateral cortical devascularizing lesions. Microcapsules were placed directly onto the lesioned cortical surface and rats were sacrificed 30 days post-operatively. Biochemical and(More)
Complexes of β-cylodextrin with five nucleotides of adenine (A), thymine (T) guanine (G), cytosine (C), and 5-methylcytosine have been investigated using Hatree-Fock (HF) and density functional theory (DFT) calculations of different quality. This work was inspired by recent technological advances made in single-molecule sequencing of DNA. One molecule of(More)
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