Jelena Durdevic

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The topological resonance energy (TRE) was conceived in the 1970s. From the very beginning, it was known that TRE is equal to the collective energy-effect of all cycles present in a conjugated molecule. Also in the 1970s a theory of cyclic conjugation was elaborated, by means of which it was possible to compute the energy-effect ef(Z) of each individual(More)
In 79 women with regular menstrual cycle and giving birth to children on the 274th to 287th day of gestational age, prolactin was determined in mother's serum, umbilical artery serum and in the amniotic fluid, by using radioimmunity method in mg/l. Two groups of women and their newborn infants were examined. In the first group (n - 36) were women with(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this investigation was to point to the influence of minerals and total osmolality on regulation and secretion of prolactin in decidual tissue of the placenta and the role of prolactin in regulation of osmotic processes across the fetoplacental membrane. MATERIAL AND METHODS Explants for the tissue culture have been obtained from(More)
pH values of the blood taken intrapartally from the presenting part of fetus was analysed in 255 deliveries. The analysis comprised pH values of newborns born by Cesarean section in which pH values were determined from the blood of the umbilical cord, immediately after birth. The authors also analysed pH values in newborns born by vacuum extraction as well(More)