Jelena Durdevic

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Local aromaticity in rings of conjugated hydrocarbons can be measured in a variety of ways. In the present paper, we concentrate on two of these, namely, EC, i.e., the pi-electron content or pi-electron partition, and ef, the energy effect of cycles. For the central ring in five bipartite conjugated hydrocarbons (anthracene, triphenylene, perylene,(More)
pH values of the blood taken intrapartally from the presenting part of fetus was analysed in 255 deliveries. The analysis comprised pH values of newborns born by Cesarean section in which pH values were determined from the blood of the umbilical cord, immediately after birth. The authors also analysed pH values in newborns born by vacuum extraction as well(More)
Out of a total of 54,236 outpatient women treated from 1975 up to December 1983, there were 515 cases (relative value 0,010) of leptotrichosis diagnosed on the basis of the analysis of the vaginal smear stained by the Gram and Pappenheim method. Out of this number, there were 664 pregnant women in whom leptotrichosis was diagnosed in 8 cases (relative value(More)