Jelena Djokić

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Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have recently become a potent tool in regenerative medicine. Due to certain shortcomings of obtaining bone marrow MSCs, alternate sources of MSCs have been sought. In this work, we studied MSCs from dental pulp (DP-MSCs) and dental follicle (DF-MSCs), isolated from the same tooth/donor, to define differences in their(More)
Langerhans' cells (LCs) represent a specific subset of dendritic cells (DCs) which are important for detecting and processing pathogens that penetrate the skin and epithelial barriers. The aim of our study was to explain what makes their in vitro counterparts - monocyte-derived Langerhans'-like cells (MoLCs) - unique compared with monocyte-derived dendritic(More)
Acetylcholine interacts with endothelial muscarinic receptors releasing nitric oxide and causing vasodilatation. To identify the receptor subtype responsible for acetylcholine-induced relaxation in canine uterine artery, the usual organ bath method for in vitro investigation on isolated blood vessels was applied. Using a range of muscarinic receptor(More)
Rat models of pulmonary aspergillosis are used widely in diagnostic studies and in exploring antifungal therapeutic modalities, but there is lack of data concerning antifungal immunity in rats. In this study, cytokine response to pulmonary infection to Aspergillus fumigatus in non-immunosuppressed rats is explored. Temporal display (from the start of(More)
Genus Clostridium accompanies more than 200 known species and at least 30 among them are associated with human and animal diseases. At the moment, the treatment of clostridial infections is based on use of antibiotics. However, due to the European ban on the use of antibiotics in livestock production, novel therapeutic strategies for treatment of these(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the potential of postbiotics originated from Lactobacillus fermentum BGHV110 strain (HV110) to counteract acetaminophen (APAP)-induced hepatotoxicity in HepG2 cells. This strain was selected according to its autophagy inducing potential, based on previous studies reporting protective role of autophagy in APAP caused(More)
In the light of the increasing resistance of bacterial pathogens to antibiotics, one of the main global strategies in applied science is development of alternative treatments, which would be safe both for the host and from the environmental perspective. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to test whether two lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains,(More)
Infiltration of circulatory inflammatory cells is a common histopathological finding in target organs following cadmium administration, but there is paucity of data concerning their activity. In this study, the effects of sublethal (1 mg/kg) cadmium on peripheral blood polymorphonuclear (PMN) cells were examined 48 h following administration in rats, when(More)
Although numerous investigations have demonstrated a direct effect of cadmium (Cd) on peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) activity in humans, there is virtually no data concerning the in vivo impact of this metal on circulatory mononuclear cells. In this study, the effects of a sub-lethal Cd (1 mg/kg) dose were examined in rats 48 h following a single(More)