Jelena Budak

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In recent years, tobacco use and its control have become increasingly the focus of attention of policy-makers and researchers due to ill health effects of smoking on both smokers and non-smokers. This paper contributes to a neglected research area by focusing on tobacco use and its regulation in Croatia. In particular, this study uses recent survey(More)
This paper examines good gO\'Cfnance assessments in Croatia and in selected CEE countries. It aims to confirm that the quality of governance should he evaluated by considering phenomenaor country-specitic institutional environment. Based on the anal: sis of good governance indicators slight improvements in all dimensions of good governance for all of the(More)
  • Stručni članak, Jelena Budak, Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović, Jelena Šišinački, Nenad Starc
  • 2007
The paper summarises major fi ndings of the case of Croatia within the international research project Local government and development What works and what does not? Lessons learned in Poland, Croatia and Ukraine. Based on a systematic analysis of statistical data and information, institutional development assessments and three different cases on local(More)
Using recent cross-country data for 135 nations, this paper examines the determinants of life satisfaction. The main contribution lies in examining the sensitivity of satisfaction to externalities, both social and environmental. Besides contributing to the literature, the findings also have some implications for public policy. The results show that some(More)
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