Jelena Bradic

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In high-dimensional model selection problems, penalized least-square approaches have been extensively used. This paper addresses the question of both robustness and efficiency of penalized model selection methods, and proposes a data-driven weighted linear combination of convex loss functions, together with weighted L(1)-penalty. It is completely(More)
High throughput genetic sequencing arrays with thousands of measurements per sample and a great amount of related censored clinical data have increased demanding need for better measurement specific model selection. In this paper we establish strong oracle properties of non-concave penalized methods for non-polynomial (NP) dimensional data with censoring in(More)
This paper examines the role and efficiency of the non-convex loss functions for binary classification problems. In particular, we investigate how to design a simple and effective boosting algorithm that is robust to the outliers in the data. The analysis of the role of a particular non-convex loss for prediction accuracy varies depending on the diminishing(More)
Many scientific and engineering challenges – ranging from pharmacokinetic drug dosage allocation and personalized medicine to marketing mix (4Ps) recommendations – require an understanding of the unobserved heterogeneity in order to develop the best decision making-processes. In this paper, we develop a hypothesis test and the corresponding p-value for(More)
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