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Feminism, Nationalism, and War: The ‘Yugoslav Case’ in Feminist Texts
Given the transnational significance of this case it is important to examine critically the ways in which feminists represented the gender specific violence in the former Yugoslavia both in terms ofExpand
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Children’s Negative Cognitive Error Questionnaire—Revised: The Factor Structure and Associations with Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Across Age, Gender, and Clinical/Community Samples
AbstractThis study evaluated the factor structure of the Children’s Negative Cognitive Error Questionnaire—Revised (CNCEQ-R) and its relationship with anxiety and depressive symptoms. The studyExpand
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Metacognitions Questionnaire for Children: Development and Validation of the Serbian Version
Metacognition refers to "cognition about cognition" and involves cognitive processes related to appraisal, control, and/or monitoring of thinking (Flavell, 1979). Beliefs about one's own cognitionExpand
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of quercetin and resveratrol peptidyl derivatives as potential anticancer and antioxidant agents
Quercetin and resveratrol are polyphenolic compounds, members of the flavonoid and the stilbene family, respectively, both medicinally important as dietary anticancer and antioxidant agents. They areExpand
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Women and Yugoslav Partisans: A History of World War II Resistance
This book focuses on one of the most remarkable phenomena of World War II: the mass participation of women, including numerous female combatants, in the communist-led Yugoslav Partisan resistance.Expand
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How Order of Label Presentation Impacts Semantic Processing: an ERP Study
In this study, we wanted to investigate whether the processing of semantic information is easier when mapping names to pictures or is it the other way around. Expand