Jelena B Golubović

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When reading texts of different but closely related languages, intelligibility is determined among others by the number of words which are cognates of words in the reader’s language, and orthographic differences. Orthographic differences partly reflect pronunciation differences and therefore are partly a linguistic level. Dialectometric studies in(More)
RATIONALE Undeclared corticosteroids in creams intended for frequent use might cause serious side-effects, especially in children. In order to prevent this or find the cause, it was essential to develop a method for quick detection and quantification of low levels of corticosteroids. METHODS Eleven corticosteroids were used in this study: prednisolone,(More)
QSRR are mathematically derived relationships between the chromatographic parameters determined for a representative series of analytes in given separation systems and the molecular descriptors accounting for the structural differences among the investigated analytes. Artificial neural network is a technique of data analysis, which sets out to emulate the(More)
Multicriteria optimization methodology was applied in development of UHPLC-UV-MS method for separation of cilazapril, hydrochlorothiazide and their degradation products. This method is also applicable for analysis of cilazapril, hydrochlorothiazide and their degradation products in combined tablet formulation. Prior to method optimization forced degradation(More)
Quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) methods are based on the hypothesis that changes in the molecular structure are reflected in changes in the observed property of the molecule. Artificial neural network is a technique of data analysis, which sets out to emulate the human brain's way of working. For the first time a quantitative(More)
Artificial neural network (ANN) is a learning system based on a computational technique which can simulate the neurological processing ability of the human brain. It was employed for building of the quantitative structure-retention relationships (QSRRs) model of antifungal agents-imidazoles or triazoles by structure. Computed molecular descriptors together(More)
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