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This paper describes a study on the sequence of the phototoxic effects of rose bengal (RB), a fluorescein derivative used as a vital stain in the diagnosis of certain external ocular diseases. Bovine melanotic RPE cells were grown in culture. These cells were labeled with [51Cr] and exposed to visible light in the presence of various concentrations of RB;(More)
Diabetes may confer an increased risk for the cardiovascular health effects of particulate air pollution, but few human clinical studies of air pollution have included people with diabetes. Ultrafine particles (UFP, ≤100 nm in diameter) have been hypothesized to be an important component of particulate air pollution with regard to cardiovascular health(More)
CONTEXT Exposure to ozone has acute respiratory effects, but few human clinical studies have evaluated cardiovascular effects. OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that ozone exposure alters pulmonary and systemic vascular function, and cardiac function, with more pronounced effects in subjects with impaired antioxidant defense from deletion of the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggest that pathways reducing oxidative stress may have a protective effect against adverse cardiac responses associated with ambient PM. However, few studies have directly assessed total antioxidant capacity (TAC) as a potential effect modifier of cardiac responses to increased ambient PM. OBJECTIVES We examined if TAC(More)
The organ cultures of standardized epithelial wound of rabbit cornea, were exposed to electric and magnetic fields components of the extremely low frequency (60 Hz) sinusoidal electromagnetic field, separately or in combination. The electric field was applied as a pure electric current via an agar-salt bridge, and the magnetic field component was applied as(More)
After intraperitoneal (IP) injection of delta-aminolevulinic acid (ALA), the endogenous porphyrins in murine skin and tumor tissues were determined by a method involving solvent and acid extractions. The results showed that the total amount of porphyrins in the tumor tissues after ALA injection was much higher than that in the skin from the same mice,(More)
INTRODUCTION Previous studies have examined changes in heart rate variability (HRV*) and repolarization associated with increased particulate matter (PM) concentrations on the same and previous few days. However, few studies have examined whether these health responses to PM occur within a few hours or even less. Moreover, it is not clear whether exposure(More)
The accumulation of chlorpromazine (CPZ) in cultured bovine amelanotic retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells artificially loaded with melanin was investigated. The melanin was isolated from human eye bank eyes. Suspensions of the melanin were added to the RPE cells and incubated for 3 hrs. The cells ingested the melanin which was dispersed in the cytoplasm(More)
Van Valen's Red Queen hypothesis states that within a homogeneous taxonomic group the age is statistically independent of the rate of extinction. The case of the Red Queen hypothesis being addressed here is when the homogeneous taxonomic group is a group of similar species. Since Van Valen's work, various statistical approaches have been used to address the(More)
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