Jeisson Sanchez

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One hundred and sixty Drosophila females laid several thousands of embryos during the 14.5 days of the IML-2 spaceflight. The progeny were either recovered frozen (embryos at final stages of development and larvae), or maintained alive developing further until adulthood. All embryos, larvae, pupae and imagoes recovered were normal in morphology and(More)
Hyperthermia is one of the most recents therapies for cancer treatment using particles with nanometric size and appropriate magnetic properties for destroying cancer cells. Magnetic nanoparticles (MNP's) of Fe-Ga and synthesized using a polycondensation reaction by sol-gel method were obtained. MNP's of Fe(1.4)Ga(1.6)O(4) that possess an inverse spinel(More)
A pregnancy with one normal female fetus and a placenta that was divided into halves, one normal the other molar, is described. Genetic analysis shows the molar component to be hyperdiploid/tetraploid but having an identical DNA composition as the normal twin. Because there was no trophoblastic proliferation and the hyperdiploid cells were confined to the(More)
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