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ABstRAct A formal conceptualization of the original concept of system and related concepts—from the original systems approach movement—can facilitate the understanding of information systems (IS). This article develops a critique integrative of the main IS research paradigms and frameworks reported in the IS literature using a systems approach. The effort(More)
A Collection of 17 Scholarly Titles The successful creation and implementation of organizational research is vital to an organization's success and productivity. The Business Innovations in Modern Organizations collection is a critical set of reference books that explores the technological innovations revolutionizing financial transactions, management(More)
Information Technology, during the last few years, has turned into a determining factor of modern organization development. In this line, a great lot of studies have been conducted aimed at explaining the possible relations to company's productivity and competitiveness, which in some extent lead to causal conclusions, casting structural individual(More)
Nowadays, cybercrime is growing rapidly around the world, as new technologies, applications and networks emerge. In addition, the Deep Web has contributed to the growth of illegal activities in cyberspace. As a result, cybercriminals are taking advantage of system vulnerabilities for their own benefit. This article presents the history and conceptualization(More)
Social construction of technological artifacts has been put forward by science sociologists as an alternative to understand how technology has been created and developed all along the human activities. Particularly, in the last decades, and given the exponential technology breakthroughs and the repercussion on business processes, it has been critical to(More)