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Recent progress in preparing well-controlled two-dimensional van der Waals heterojunctions has opened up a new frontier in materials physics. Here we address the intriguing energy gaps that are sometimes observed when a graphene sheet is placed on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate, demonstrating that they are produced by an interesting interplay between(More)
We demonstrate that the one-dimensional (1D) transport channels that appear in the gap when graphene nanoroads are embedded in boron nitride (BN) sheets are more robust when they are inserted at AB/BA grain boundaries. Our conclusions are based on ab initio electronic structure calculations for a variety of different crystal orientations and bonding(More)
Acknowledgments I must admit that pursuing my graduate studies here at the University of Texas at Austin gave me a rare opportunity to be under the tutelage of talented professors. However, today I feel chiefly indebted to my advisor Dr. Allan MacDonald for the patience and sincerity he has shown me in regard to this dissertation. I would like to take this(More)
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