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Goals are an important basis for patients’ cognitive appraisal processes underlying quality-of-life (QOL) assessment because they are the foundation to one’s frame of reference. We sought to identify the best of six goal delineation items and relevant themes for two new versions of the QOL Appraisal Profile: an interview tool using a subset of the best(More)
A model for chromatin structure is presented, (a) Each of four his-tone species, H2A (Ilbl or f2a2), H2B (IIb2 or f2b), H3 (III or f3) and H4 (IV or f2al) can form a parallel dimer. (b) These dliners can form two tetraraers, (H2A) 2 (H2b), and (H3) 2 (H4)_. (C) These two tetramers bind a segment of DNA and condense it Into a "C" segment, (d) The adjacent(More)
BACKGROUND To examine whether past and current reserve-related activities make the brain less susceptible to MS pathology (i.e., lesions or disease-related atrophy). METHODS This secondary analysis of a cohort study included 276 healthy controls (HC), and 65 clinically isolated syndrome (CIS), 352 relapsing-remitting MS (RR) and 109 secondary- progressive(More)
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