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Efficient Exact Stochastic Simulation of Chemical Systems with Many Species and Many Channels
There are two fundamental ways to view coupled systems of chemical equations:  as continuous, represented by differential equations whose variables are concentrations, or as discrete, represented byExpand
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EVENODD: An Efficient Scheme for Tolerating Double Disk Failures in RAID Architectures
We present a novel method, that we call EVENODD, for tolerating up to two disk failures in RAID architectures. Expand
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X-Code: MDS Array Codes with Optimal Encoding
We present a new class of MDS (maximum distance separable) array codes of size n/spl times/n (n a prime number) called X-code, which can correct either one column error or two column erasures. Expand
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Zigzag Codes: MDS Array Codes With Optimal Rebuilding
Maximum distance separable (MDS) array codes are widely used in storage systems to protect data against erasures. We address the rebuilding ratio problem, namely, in the case of erasures, what is theExpand
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Scaffold proteins may biphasically affect the levels of mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling and reduce its threshold properties.
In addition to preventing crosstalk among related signaling pathways, scaffold proteins might facilitate signal transduction by preforming multimolecular complexes that can be rapidly activated byExpand
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Efficient Algorithms for All-to-All Communications in Multiport Message-Passing Systems
We present efficient algorithms for two all-to-all communication operations in message-passing systems: index (or all- to-all personalized communication) and concatenation. Expand
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Neural network computation with DNA strand displacement cascades
The impressive capabilities of the mammalian brain—ranging from perception, pattern recognition and memory formation to decision making and motor activity control—have inspired their re-creation in a wide range of artificial intelligence systems for applications such as face recognition, anomaly detection, medical diagnosis and robotic vehicle control. Expand
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Rank modulation for flash memories
We explore a novel data representation scheme for multi-level flash memory cells, in which a set of n cells stores information in the permutation induced by the different charge levels of the individual cells. Expand
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Computation with finite stochastic chemical reaction networks
A highly desired part of the synthetic biology toolbox is an embedded chemical microcontroller, capable of autonomously following a logic program specified by a set of instructions, and interacting with its cellular environment. Expand
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Harmonic Analysis of Polynomial Threshold Functions
  • Jehoshua Bruck
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • SIAM J. Discret. Math.
  • 1 May 1990
Harmonic analysis of Boolean functions is used to derive a necessary and sufficient condition for a function to be an S-threshold function for a given set S of monomials. Expand
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