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Propagation measurements for fixed wireless loops (FWL) in a suburban region with foliage and terrain blockages
Path loss measurements were performed and characterized at 43 subscriber locations around a base station antenna located on top of Crawford Hill in Holmdel, NJ, and temporal and horizontal motion path loss fluctuations were found to be uncorrelated.
Coupling at cross, T, and L junctions in tunnels and urban street canyons
Propagation around corners in tunnels and urban street canyons is modeled using a modal approach. While the modal representation for a straight tunnel is well-known, coupling at L, T, and cross
Radio Wave Propagation in Tunnels
Abstract : This report examines the radio propagation model for narrow and long tunnels. Modal analysis is used to model the path gain in 2-D and 3-D rectangular tunnels and the coupling loss of L, T
Full Duplex Relaying with Buffer Based on Cognitive Radio Technique
The proposed scheme maximizes the system throughput by adaptively controlling the transmit power of relay by using underlay cognitive radio (CR) technique and is verified with intensive simulations.
Ray-Mode Methods for Coupling at Junctions in Urban Street Canyons
Propagation around corners in urban street canyons is modeled using hybrid ray-mode conversion. For low base station and mobile antennas, high-rise urban street canyons can be modeled as 2-D