Jeho Lee

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T his paper examines the conditions under which exploration of a new, incompatible technology is conducive to firm growth in the presence of network externalities. In particular, this study is motivated by the divergent evolutions of the PC and the workstation markets in response to a new technology: reduced instruction set computing (RISC). In the PC(More)
Resource allocation between exploration of emerging technological possibilities and exploitation of known technological possibilities involves a delicate trade-off. We develop a model to represent this trade-off under the time-pressing situation where the firmÕs existing basis of survival is constantly challenged by competitorsÕ innovation and imitation. We(More)
Working paper. Comments are most welcome. Several people provided valuable suggestions in various stages of this project. Special thanks to and the anonymous reviewers for many helpful ideas. We also thank Jim Hirabayashi from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and several executives and engineers from the robotics industry for their time and valuable(More)
We develop a computational model to address the question of when a new, incompatible technology can survive in competition with an incumbent technology in the presence of network effects. We experimented mainly with network topology and the timing of new-technology introduction. Like much of prior work, our study does show that the survival of the new(More)
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