Jehad M. Hamamreh

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In this work, Automatic-Repeat-Request (ARQ) and Maximal Ratio Combination (MRC), have been jointly exploited to enhance the confidentiality of wireless services requested by a legitimate user (Bob) against an eavesdropper (Eve). The obtained security performance is analyzed using Packet Error Rate (PER), where the exact PER gap between Bob and Eve is(More)
In this work, a secure waveform design for future 5G wireless system is proposed. The developed waveform referred to as secure orthogonal transform division multiplexing (OTDM) waveform, is designed to diagonalize the multi-path channel matrix of only the legitimate receiver (Bob), while degrading eavesdropper’s reception. In particular, instead of using(More)
In this work, we investigate the security performance obtained by employing a practical precoded orthogonal space time block coding method (POSTBC) in MISO wireless networks. In particular, space time codewords are precoded with an optimum matrix that minimizes the error rate at only the legitimate user (Bob). The acquired results depict that there exists a(More)
An effective and hardware-friendly physical layer security design, composed of a channel-based frequency pre-coder and a post-coder for OFDM-based systems, is proposed. The design is achieved by decomposing the diagonal matrix of the channel frequency amplitude of the legitimate receiver in order to obtain two unitary orthonormal matrices. The first matrix(More)
In this paper, a practical power efficient technique is proposed for an untrusted decode-and-forward (DAF) based cooperative communication system to provide secure communication between the source and the destination. More specifically, a DAF relay, called switchable DAF (sDAF), is designed in such a way that it can be switched to amplify-and-forward (AAF)(More)
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