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SUMMARY We proposed a novel structure that improved the linear characteristics of electroabsorption modulator (EAM) with composite quantum-wells as an absorption core layer. We fabricated three types of EAM's whose active cores were 8 nm thick, 12 nm thick and a composite core with 8 nm thick and 12 nm thick quantum-well (QW), respectively. The transfer(More)
We investigated the growth, structural and optical characteristics of CuGaSe2 thin films prepared with the selenium reaction. Metallic precursor layers from Cu0:5Ga0.5 and Cu0.8Ga0.2 alloy targets were prepared on a sodalime glass substrate by using DC magnetron sputtering, and then annealed to form CuGaSe2 in a rapid thermal process (RTP) with selenium(More)
SUMMARY Using an electro-absorption duplexer (EAD) we presented a transceiver (TRx) module for dual function of both electrical-to-optical (E/O) and optical-to-electrical (E/O) conversion at 60 GHz band. The EAD chip was fabricated by monolithically integrating both a waveguide pho-todiode (PD) and an electro-absorption modulator (EAM) in association with(More)
This paper presents the experimental observation of the degradation in asymmetric sampled grating DFB lasers by the accelerated life tests. Two degradation phenomena related to the electrical characteristics of LDs are observed during the tests. The first degradation phenomenon by increasing the reverse current is considered as a formation of leakage(More)
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