Jegadeesan Ramalingam

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The diversity of the largest group of plant disease resistance genes, the nucleotide binding site-leucine-rich repeat (NBS-LRR) genes, was examined in cereals following polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cloning and database mining. NBS-LRR genes in rice are a large and diverse class with more than 600 genes, at least three to four times the complement of(More)
Bacterial blight (BB), caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae is one among the major diseases in rice, which in severe condition cause losses up to 60% in total yield. Marker assisted pyramiding of three broad spectrum BB resistance genes (xa5, xa13, and Xa21) in prominent rice varieties is the most economical and effective strategy for the management of(More)
WE DEVELOPED, TNAURICE: a database comprising of the rice varieties released from a public institution, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, India. Backed by MS-SQL, and ASP-Net at the front end, this database provide information on both quantitative and qualitative descriptors of the rice varities inclusive of their parental details.(More)
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