Jeffry S. Evans

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The objectives of this study were to describe the three-dimensional in vivo kinematic behavior of wrists affected by rheumatoid arthritis, to correlate kinematic parameters and two radiographic indices of carpal disease, and to describe the in vivo kinematic behavior of the Swanson Silastic wrist implant. Fifteen normal wrists, 17 rheumatoid wrists, and 7(More)
Air purifying dust/mist respirators are presently tested using a silica aerosol under conditions of steady flow. In experiments, the predictive validity of such tests was evaluated by testing respirators using silica and asbestos aerosols under conditions of both steady and cyclic flow. Silica penetration at steady flow was reasonably predictive of silica(More)
Peak expiratory flow (PEF) and workplace exposure to endotoxin, phenolic resin, and formaldehyde were measured to investigate asthma symptoms and medication use among employees in a fiberglass wool manufacturing plant. Self-recorded PEF was obtained from 37 workers, for a total of 181 days off work and 187 days at work with concurrent personal exposure(More)
Worker exposures in a fiberglass wool insulation manufacturing plant were studied. The plant used a continuous process and operated at full production during a six-week study. Area samples were used to characterize spatial variability of contaminant levels. Repeated personal samples were used to characterize the distribution and to explore within- and(More)
This paper compares experimental measurements of filter performance with predictions of aerosol collection by dust-mist respirators using the single fibre efficiency model and an empirical model developed by the authors. The former, a theoretically-based semi-empirical model, indicates that mechanical phenomena such as impaction, interception and diffusion(More)
Four methods for estimating the uncertainties in air pollution measurements are outlined. The approaches are: analytical solution-approximation; application of distribution theory; experimentation; and simulation. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are illustrated using data from High-Volume air samplers, the instrument most commonly used for(More)
Collection efficiency was evaluated for 10 respirator manufacturers' electrostatically-charged dust/mist filters challenged with eight sizes of latex spheres in a range representative of the silica aerosol used in National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certification tests. Minimum efficiency occurred at or below the smallest size of(More)
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