Jeffry H Gray

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When pyrimidine-functionalized carbon nanotubes were incubated with single-stranded DNA ligase, formations of macroscopic aggregates were observed. Wet-cell transmission electron microscopy imaging revealed that the nanotubes were radially bound to form a 3D latticelike structure. These structures were not observed in control reactions lacking ligase or(More)
The Coulter Counter Model S Plus is a 12 parameter haematological analyser designed for service use in haematology laboratories. Eight parameters are standard in current routine haematological practice; the seven parameters generated by the Model S and a platelet count. The method of platelet counting is unique. The remaining parameters are new and comprise(More)
Chick embryo heart cells were used in coverslip cultures. The medium consisted of: Chick embryo extract 15% Phenol red solution (.04%) 7% Tyrode solution 28% Chicken plasma 50% Cultures were incubated for 72 hours at 37°C. The amount of inhibition of growth was determined from comparisons of the areas of growth and of the mitotic indexes. Many of the(More)
The chromosome number of the Krebs-3 ascites carcinoma maintained in Swiss mice was found to be grouped about a modal number of 78-79. After in vitro culture in medium No. 858 (modified) containing 10 per cent calf serum, primary cultures showed a shift to a smaller number of chromosomes. This medium when used for originating single-cell cultures favored(More)
Several attempts in this laboratory in the last @ or 3 years to culture the Knebs-@ ascites carcinoma of mice had failed. The maximum survival time of the cells in culture was about 10 days. The media used always contained chicken embryo ex tract (CEE). Later, during efforts to develop a culture medium and technic by which single cell cultures could readily(More)