Jeffry Bonar Fernando

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In this paper, a novel method of human identification using electrocardiogram (ECG) is proposed. In the method, while normalizing RR interval, in addition to normalized signal where time interval of P wave, Q wave, R wave, S wave relatively to R wave is unaligned, normalized signal where time interval of those peaks is aligned is also generated. Wavelet(More)
A new method to estimate respiratory signal from thoracic impedance is proposed. To realize battery powered, wearable respiratory monitoring devices, low current impedance measurement techniques are desired. However, under low current conditions, conventional methods to separate cardiac and respiratory signals do not work well as the cardiac signal is much(More)
A new method to estimate muscle fatigue quantitatively from surface electromyography (EMG) is proposed. The ratio of mean frequency (MNF) to average rectified value (ARV) is used as the index of muscle fatigue, and muscle fatigue is detected when MNF/ARV falls below a pre-determined or pre-calculated baseline. MNF/ARV gives larger distinction between(More)
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