Jeffrey Zhang

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate efficacy and safety of ramelteon (MT1/MT2-receptor [corrected] agonist) in subjects with chronic primary insomnia. METHODS Randomized, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of nightly ramelteon treatment (8 mg or 16 mg) in adults (N=405) with primary chronic insomnia (DSM-IV-TR). Latency to persistent sleep (LPS), TST,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the long-term safety and subjective sleep effects of ramelteon in adults with chronic insomnia. METHOD Subjects with primary insomnia (DSM-IV-TR criteria) for >or= 3 months received ramelteon nightly for 1 year; a 3-day placebo run out followed. Subjects aged >or=65 years received open-label ramelteon 8 mg (N = 248); those aged 18 to(More)
Obtaining a digital model of a real-world 3D scene is a challenging task pursued by computer vision and computer graphics. Given an initial approximate 3D model, a popular refinement process is to perform a bundle adjustment of the estimated camera position, camera orientation, and scene points. Unfortunately, simultaneously solving for both camera position(More)
BACKGROUND Double-blind, randomized clinical trials are the preferred approach to demonstrating the effectiveness of one treatment against another. The comparison is, however, made on the average group effects. While patients and clinicians have always struggled to understand why patients respond differently to the same treatment, and while much hope has(More)
Spatial neglect is a devastating disorder in 50-70% of right-brain stroke survivors, who have problems attending to, or making movements towards, left-sided stimuli, and experience a high risk of chronic dependence. Prism adaptation is a promising treatment for neglect that involves brief, daily visuo-motor training sessions while wearing optical prisms.(More)
Effective assessment and management of pain in patients with cancer is strengthened by the patient's report of how much pain interferes with daily functioning. This requires a clear delineation of different levels of pain interference. We derived optimal cutpoints for differentiating between mild, moderate, and severe pain interference assessed by the Brief(More)
Online prices are increasingly being used for measurement and research applications, yet little is known about their relation to prices collected offline, where most retail transactions take place. I conduct the first large-scale comparison of prices simultaneously collected from the websites and physical stores of 56 large multi-channel retailers in 10(More)
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