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Neutrophil migration requires continuous reorganization of the cytoskeleton and cellular adhesion apparatus. Chemoattractants initiate intracellular signals that direct this reorganization. The signaling pathways that link chemoattractant receptors to the cytoskeleton and cellular adhesion apparatus are now being defined. Formyl-peptide chemoattractants(More)
—Modern and emerging data centers are presenting unprecedented demands in terms of cost and energy consumption , far outpacing architectural advances related to economies of scale. Consequently, blade designs exhibit significant cost and power inefficiencies, particularly in the memory system. For example , we observe that modern blades are often(More)
There is a strong association between late-life depression, cognitive impairment, cerebrovascular disease, and poor cognitive outcomes, including progressive dementia, especially Alzheimer's disease. While neuroimaging evidence suggests that cerebrovascular disease plays a prominent role, it seems that depression alone may also confer substantial risk for(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the relationship between depressed mood and the development of Alzheimer disease in cognitively normal individuals. DESIGN Longitudinal and observational. SETTING Community-based cohort study. PARTICIPANTS A total of 288 participants in the Cardiovascular Health Study-Cognition Study (mean age: 77.52, SD =3.65, range: 70-89).(More)
The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) is a collaborative effort of universities around the world to promote creating, archiving, distributing and accessing Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). Since its inception in 1996, over a hundred universities have joined the initiative, underscoring the importance institutions place(More)
—A novel ring-resonator-based integrated photonic chip with ultrafine frequency resolution, providing program-mable, stable, and accurate optical-phase control is demonstrated. The ability to manipulate the optical phase of the individual frequency components of a signal is a powerful tool for optical communications , signal processing, and RF photonics(More)
SRW/U (the Search/Retrieve Webservice) and OAI (Open Archives Initiative) are both modern information retrieval protocols developed by distinct groups from different backgrounds at around the same time. This article sets out to briefly contrast the two protocols' aims and approaches, and then to look at some novel ways in which they have been or may be(More)