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We define a mathematical formalism based on the concept of an ''open dynamical system'' and show how it can be used to model embodied cognition. This formalism extends classical dynamical systems theory by distinguishing a ''total system'' (which models an agent in an environment) and an ''agent system'' (which models an agent by itself), and it includes(More)
Simbrain 3.0 is a software package for neural network design and analysis, which emphasizes flexibility (arbitrarily complex networks can be built using a suite of basic components) and a visually rich, intuitive interface. These features support both students and professionals. Students can study all of the major classes of neural networks in a familiar(More)
A central problem in philosophy of mind concerns the relationship between subjective experiences and the physical processes that subserve them. There seems to be an unbridgeable " explanatory gap " between the two. Whereas other scientific explanations (e.g. the explanation of temperature in terms of kinetic energy) involve determinate relationships between(More)
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