Jeffrey Y. Chen

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We have measured the temperature dependence of the infrared spectra of a hydrogen molecule trapped inside a C(60) cage, H(2)@C(60), in the temperature range from 6 to 300 K and analyzed the excitation spectrum by using a five-dimensional model of a vibrating rotor in a spherical potential. The electric dipole moment is induced by the translational motion of(More)
A radial stagnation-point flow cell utilizing an optical microscope and an image-capturing device was used to directly observe the deposition kinetics of colloidal particles onto micropatterned glass surfaces with well-defined surface charge features. Surface charge heterogeneity was microfabricated onto glass surfaces by silanizing specified regions of the(More)
The enantioselectivity ofcandida cylindracea lipase in esterification between ibuprofen and 1-butanol in organic solvents is influenced by adding a small amount of polar solvents. The results show that both the solvents and the amount added affected the reaction. Addition of 0.05% (v/v) N,N-dimethylformamide increase the ee value of the ester from 57.5% of(More)
Naming the ink color of an incongruent color word (e.g., RED printed in green) usually takes longer than naming the ink color of a color bar. However, when the ink matches the word (e.g., RED printed in red), naming tends to be faster. These phenomena are known as the STroop interference effect and the Stroop congruency effect, respectively. Although the(More)
Hydrogen is one of the few molecules that has been incarcerated in the molecular cage of C₆₀ to form the endohedral supramolecular complex H₂@C₆₀. In this confinement, hydrogen acquires new properties. Its translation motion, within the C₆₀ cavity, becomes quantized, is correlated with its rotation and breaks inversion symmetry that induces infrared (IR)(More)
An activated carbon fiber nonwoven (ACF) was manufactured from a cotton nonwoven fabric. For the ACF acoustic application, a nonwoven composite of ACF with cotton nonwoven as a base layer was developed. Also produced were the composites of the cotton nonwoven base layer with a layer of glassfiber nonwoven, and the cotton nonwoven base layer with a layer of(More)
We propose an adiabatic all-optical switch that is composed of an asymmetric Y-branch ion-exchanged glass waveguide with a strip of nonlinear polymer loaded on top of one branch. The properties of nonlinear wave propagation in the device are investigated in detail. By extending the effective-index method to the analysis of nonlinear waveguides, we calculate(More)
The quantum dynamics of a hydrogen molecule encapsulated inside the cage of a C60 fullerene molecule is investigated using inelastic neutron scattering (INS). The emphasis is on the temperature dependence of the INS spectra which were recorded using time-of-flight spectrometers. The hydrogen endofullerene system is highly quantum mechanical, exhibiting both(More)
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