Jeffrey Wilson

1Wendy R Miller
1Tyler A Kokjohn
1Mimi P Macias
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A prevailing undercurrent of doubt regarding the merits of economic growth has motivated efforts to rethink how we measure the success of economic policy and societal wellbeing. This article comments on efforts to better account for impacts of economic activity emphasizing genuine progress indicator (GPI) and wellbeing metrics from a Canadian viewpoint. The(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) dementia impacts all facets of higher order cognitive function and is characterized by the presence of distinctive pathological lesions in the gray matter (GM). The profound alterations in GM structure and function have fostered the view that AD impacts are primarily a consequence of GM damage. However, the white matter (WM)(More)
In light of Gross Domestic Product's (GDP) well-known limitations as a wellbeing indicator, many alternative measures have been developed around the world. Some advocates of " beyond GDP " measures argue that they are key to shifting societal priorities away from economic growth toward sustainability, equity, and well-being. Is there any evidence to date(More)
BACKGROUND The development of effective health care and public health interventions requires a comprehensive understanding of the perceptions, concerns, and stated needs of health care consumers and the public at large. Big datasets from social media and question-and-answer services provide insight into the public's health concerns and priorities without(More)
We study the effects of urban environment on childhood obesity by concentrating on the effects of walking trails and crime close to children's homes on their BMI and obesity status. We use a unique dataset, which combines information on recreational trails in Indianapolis with data on violent crimes and anthropomorphic and diagnostic data from children's(More)
Anesthesia and analgesia should be provided to ferrets that are undergoing potentially painful surgical procedures. The epidural route of administration for anesthetic or analgesic drugs can be used. This column outlines the relevant ferret anatomy, indications and contraindications and technique of epidural administration of anesthesia and analgesia in(More)
I n the United States, hospital-acquired infections account for around 99,000 patient deaths per year [1]. These infections are increasingly caused by drug-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which accounts for 19,000 patient deaths per year [2]. Fresh perspectives with tools adapted from other disciplines may(More)
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