Jeffrey Weeks

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If sexuality is as much a product of what goes on behind the eyes (in the brain) as between the legs, as modern theorization of the erotic suggests, then what our forebears knew, and what we as contemporary sexual actors know, or think we know, matters. This is the starting point for Roy Porter and Lesley Hall's lively and compendious study. Their subject(More)
In this paper we consider Heegaard splittings of 3-manifolds. By using Gabai's concept of thin position on the 1-skeleton of some polyhedral decomposition, together with Casson-Gordon's concept of strong irreducibility, we prove the Main Theorem (4.0). This theorem will allow us to classify the Heegaard splittings of manifolds whose polyhedral(More)
Shushu is a Turkish Cypriot drag performance artist and the article begins with a discussion of a short film about him by a Greek Cypriot playwright, film maker, and gay activist. The film is interesting in its own right as a documentary about a complex personality, but it is also relevant to wider discussion of sexual and gender identity and categorization(More)
efficiency chiefly to manual labour-were transplanted from the shop floor to the clinic. Instead of offering representative articles, as Howell has done, Morman includes in his 24 selections the milestones in the campaign for efficiency in hospital organization and practice, and the articles by Ernest Amory Codman, Michael Davis, Jr., and Richard Cabot(More)
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