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Examining Strain in a School Context
General strain theory has accumulated a considerable amount of empirical support. Many of these assessments have tested the direct relationship that strain has on crime and delinquency. The researchExpand
Misconceptions of Gender: Sex, Masculinity, and the Measurement of Crime
Gender is a widely used variable within criminological literature. Unfortunately, most researchers attempt to measure gender with a single item on a survey. Most often this item simply asksExpand
Conceptualization, Operationalization, Construct Validity, and Truth in Advertising In Criminological Research
As a species, humans paradoxically posses the strong drive to seek out the company and comfort of our own kind, while also showing some predilection for victimizing, exploiting, and harming eachExpand
Gender and Crime: Addressing Threats to Construct Validity in the Criminological Research
Abst ract- In this article, we argue that criminology is in need of a meta-theory that allows for a more complete treatment of the gender-crime relationship. We suggest that one such metatheory isExpand
What's sex gotta do with it?: The study of Gender in criminology and the social sciences
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Randy Martin Dissertation Committee Members: Dr. John J. Gibbs, Dr. Jennifer Gossett, Dr. Erika Frenzel, and Dr. Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Critical Criminologies of the Present and Future: Left Realism, Left Idealism, and What's Left in Between
This article argues for the benefits of advancing an innovative critical criminological approach that concerns itself explicitly and simultaneously with both the criminology of the present and theExpand