Jeffrey W Slater

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Tuber initiation occurred earlier when the night temperature of the shoot was lowered and earliest when the shoot and root (including stolon) night temperature was lowered. Initiation was also promoted by lowering the night temperature of the underground parts of the plant alone. These differences in time of initiation were associated with differences in(More)
Nickel-substituted rubredoxin (NiRd) is a functional enzyme mimic of hydrogenase, highly active for electrocatalytic and solution-phase hydrogen generation. Spectroscopic methods can provide valuable insight into the catalytic mechanism, provided the appropriate technique is used. In this study, we have employed multiwavelength resonance Raman spectroscopy(More)
A simple, functional mimic of [NiFe] hydrogenases based on a nickel-substituted rubredoxin (NiRd) protein is reported. NiRd is capable of light-initiated and solution-phase hydrogen production and demonstrates high electrocatalytic activity using protein film voltammetry. The catalytic voltammograms are modeled using analytical expressions developed for(More)
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