Jeffrey W. Merhout

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This article explores the various stances and ideas that firms must both heed and consistently adapt to in the perpetuation of the Web 2.0 phenomenon of online social networks (OSNs). Within the article, the sociological implications of OSNs are explored before discussing various strategies, opportunities, and problems that are associated with the continued(More)
The current buzz of ‘going green’ has been a recent fad for many companies. But what does ‘going green’ really mean? How did going green get started? Who are the current leaders of sustainable information technology? It is clear that going green is more than a fad and that green technology can provide a number of cost reducing advantages to companies. This(More)
The objective of this long term study will be to determine factors that may influence the IT audit process and develop a model that can be used to improve process quality. Using focus groups of internal auditors at one large, health care products and services company we identify factors rated as critical by one or more of these groups and develop a first(More)
Accrediting agencies in the United States require business schools to conduct ongoing assessment directed at continuous improvement of their instruction. Because direct assessment efforts are usually more time consuming and resource-intensive than indirect assessment, it would be helpful if indirect assessment could be used as an effective alternative, at(More)