Jeffrey W Long

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The worldwide thirst for portable consumer electronics in the 1990s had an enormous impact on portable power. Lithium ion batteries, in which lithium ions shuttle between an insertion cathode (e.g., LiCoO2) and an insertion anode (e.g., carbon), emerged as the power source of choice for the highperformance rechargeable-battery market. The performance(More)
The design and fabrication of three-dimensional multifunctional architectures from the appropriate nanoscale building blocks, including the strategic use of void space and deliberate disorder as design components, permits a re-examination of devices that produce or store energy as discussed in this critical review. The appropriate electronic, ionic, and(More)
The self-limiting reaction of aqueous permanganate with carbon nanofoams produces conformal, nanoscopic deposits of birnessite ribbons and amorphous MnO2 throughout the ultraporous carbon structure. The MnO2 coating contributes additional capacitance to the carbon nanofoam while maintaining the favorable high-rate electrochemical performance inherent to the(More)
Manganese oxides have a relatively long history in the world of battery chemistry, dating back to the work of Leclanché in the 1860s, which ultimately formed the basis for the now-ubiquitous primary 1.5 V Zn/ MnO2 alkaline cell.1 In the alkaline cell, manganese oxide (typically in the γMnO2 form) serves as the active cathode material, and stores charge via(More)
The demography, spatial distribution, and movement patterns of leopard sharks (Triakis semifasciata) aggregating near the head of a submarine canyon in La Jolla, California, USA, were investigated to resolve the causal explanations for this and similar shark aggregations. All sharks sampled from the aggregation site (n = 140) were sexually mature and 97.1 %(More)
The effect of calcium ion on the thermal stability of thermolysin has been investigated. The native protein undergoes an irreversible structural change and autolysis at high temperature. Analysis of the calcium ion dependence of the apparent melting temperature observed spectroscopically gives an apparent deltaH of -x (130 kcal/mol) where x is either 1 or(More)
We describe a simple self-limiting electroless deposition process whereby conformal, nanoscale iron oxide (FeO(x)) coatings are generated at the interior and exterior surfaces of macroscopically thick ( approximately 90 microm) carbon nanofoam paper substrates via redox reaction with aqueous K(2)FeO(4). The resulting FeO(x)-carbon nanofoams are(More)
Ultraporous aperiodic solids, such as aerogels and ambigels, are sol-gel-derived equivalents of architectures. The walls are defined by the nanoscopic, covalently bonded solid network of the gel. The vast open, interconnected space characteristic of a building is represented by the three-dimensionally continuous nanoscopic pore network. We discuss how an(More)
Transition metal oxides that mix electronic and ionic conductivity are essential active components of many electrochemical charge-storage devices, ranging from primary alkaline cells to more advanced rechargeable Li-ion batteries. In these devices, charge storage occurs via cation-insertion/deinsertion mechanisms in conjunction with the reduction/oxidation(More)