Jeffrey W. Leon

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Nanogels are highly branched, swellable polymer structures with average diameters between 1 and 100nm. Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) fractionates materials in this size range, and it is commonly used to measure nanogel molar mass distributions. For many nanogel applications, it may be more important to calculate the particle size distribution from the(More)
A commercially available portable tritium-in-air monitor was calibrated for detecting the concentration of tritium-in-air, 14C-in-air, and various radioactive noble gases. Calibrations were performed both experimentally, using assayed quantities of the calibration gases, and theoretically, by simulating the monitor's response using Monte Carlo code. The(More)
We have developed a synthetic approach to the self-assembly of [2]-, [3]-, and [4]rotaxanes, incorporating bis-p-phenylene-34-crown-10 as the ring component(s) surrounding bipyridinium-based dumbbell-shaped components bearing dendritic stoppers at both ends. As a result of the hydrophobic dendritic framework, these [n]rotaxanes are soluble in a wide range(More)
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