Jeffrey W. Dawson

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Invasive alien species are one of the primary threats to native biodiversity on islands worldwide. Consequently, eradicating invasive species from islands has become a mainstream conservation practice. Deciding which islands have the highest priority for eradication is of strategic importance to allocate limited resources to achieve maximum conservation(More)
As the size, complexity, and functionality of systems to model and simulate continue to increase, benefits such as interoperability and reusability enabled by distributed discrete-event simulation are of interest, especially for distributed manufacturing and enterprise engineering. The High Level Architecture (HLA), a standard distributed simulation(More)
Local stakeholders at the important but vulnerable Centre Hills on Montserrat consider that the continued presence of feral livestock (particularly goats and pigs) may lead to widespread replacement of the reserve’s native vegetation by invasive alien trees (Java plum and guava), and consequent negative impacts on native animal species. Since 2009, a(More)
A variety of agricultural films are commercially available for managing emissions and enhancing pest control during soil fumigation. These films are manufactured using different materials and processes which can ultimately result in different permeability to fumigants. A systematic laboratory study of the permeability of the agricultural films to nine(More)
Crow-AMSAA (CA) plots are used to model reliability growth. Use of CA plots has expanded into other areas, such as tracking events of interest to management, maintenance problems, and safety mishaps. Safety mishaps can often be successfully modeled using a Poisson probability distribution. CA plots show a Poisson process in log-log space. If the safety(More)
Using outputs of a supply chain system dynamics model, neural networks’ pattern recognition capabilities and eigen value analysis are utilised to detect and analyse behavioural changes in the supply chain and predict their impact in the shortand long-term horizons on performances. Neural networks are used to detect changes in the supply chain behaviour at a(More)
A trigger track processor is being designed for CDF Run 2. This processor identifies high momentum (PT > 1.5 GeV/c) charged tracks in the new central outer tracking chamber for the CDF I1 detector. The design of the track processor, called the extremely Fast Trackcr (XFT), is highly parallel and handle an input rate of 183 Gbitslsec and output rate of 44(More)
Improving the usability of a Distributed Simulation System (DSS) test bed is the focus of this paper. An introduction to the field of usability is given, followed by a discussion of the characteristics of DSSs. Then the usability of DSSs is considered. The Virtual Test Bed (VTB), a sample DSS we have improved the usability of, is described. The methodology(More)
Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that offers possibilities that other technologies are not able to fulfill. AR uses a computer to add information to the real world. Future AR technology will be low cost, fieldable, usable for multiple purposes such as actual operations, and occupy a small footprint. The technology is emerging from(More)
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