Jeffrey Vonk

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<lb>Emissions odors, gases, and dust from livestock production facilities arise primarily from three<lb>sources; buildings, manure storages, and land application (1). Emissions from buildings and storages<lb>form a baseline emission level. Eliminating emissions from one of the sources will likely not<lb>eliminate emissions entirely. Control technologies(More)
Objectives were to examine how the conceptus and recombinant bovine interferon-tau (rbIFN-tau) regulate intracellular components of the PGF(2a) synthetic pathway and to determine if arachidonic acid (AA) is limiting in endometrial tissue of pregnant cows. In Experiment 1, uteri were collected from either cyclic or pregnant dairy cows on Day 17 post-estrus.(More)
The theoretical knowledge and practical performance of 166 lay people attending a short cardiopulmonary resuscitation course were evaluated according to the American Heart Association standards. Before tt course no participant was able to perform even a bad attempt at cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Theoretical knowledge was good at the end of the course and(More)
The diagnosis severe combined immunodeficiency was made in a male infant at the age of 18 wk. Known causes of severe combined immunodeficiency were excluded. The activity of total 5'-nucleotidase (E.C. in the PBMC was found to be strongly decreased. Analysis of the peripheral blood revealed a lymphocytosis, mainly of CD8+ T cells. These lymphocytes(More)