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Influenza causes significant morbidity and mortality and is responsible for considerable medical expenditures. Vaccination is the most effective public health measure to combat this illness. Amantadine and rimantadine are older antiviral agents that have been important adjuncts in the prevention and treatment of influenza A outbreaks. Zanamivir and(More)
The etiology of gallbladder disease in children is multifactoral. Seven of these factors are fairly well known: obstruction of biliary ductal system, hemolytic disease, estrogen effect, obesity, familial, metabolic, and stress related. Our biggest group of patients, 19 out of the total 61 or 31 per cent, were found to have had prior abdominal/renal surgery(More)
Darier-White disease is an uncommon genodermatosis that is commonly under-recognized and is characteristically refractory to treatment. It is most frequently due to an autosomal dominant mutation in an intracellular calcium pump. It can be associated with severe cutaneous infections requiring hospitalization as well as neurologic and psychiatric comorbid(More)
A comprehensive, multiphasic blood panel was used as a case-finding tool for 738 patients. The thyroid function tests T4 (total thyroxine), rT3U (resin T3 uptake), and FTI (free thyroxine index) were included in this panel. Among the 711 patients found to be clinically euthyroid without known thyroid disorder, 54 had at least one abnormal parameter. Of(More)
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