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Vertebrate eye development begins at the gastrula stage, when a region known as the eye field acquires the capacity to generate retina and lens. Optx2, a homeobox gene of the sine oculis-Six family, is selectively expressed in this early eye field and later in the lens placode and optic vesicle. The distal and ventral portion of the optic vesicle are fated(More)
Optx2, a member of the sine oculis-Six family of homeobox genes, is first expressed in the anterior neural plate of the mouse embryo, and subsequently in the optic vesicle and ventral forebrain. During later development, expression is further restricted to precursors of the neural retina, optic chiasm, adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis. In the adult mouse(More)
Nanophthalmos is a rare disorder of eye development characterized by extreme hyperopia (farsightedness), with refractive error in the range of +8.00 to +25.00 diopters. Because the cornea and lens are normal in size and shape, hyperopia occurs because insufficient growth along the visual axis places these lensing components too close to the retina.(More)
PURPOSE The homeobox genes Pax6 and Chx10 are diffusely expressed in proliferating, undifferentiated retina neuroepithelial cells. Distinct, topographically specific expression patterns emerge, however, as postmitotic cells become organized into layers. The hypothesis that the product of each gene may be necessary for the differentiation of particular(More)
A critical metrology issue for pharmaceutical industries is the application of analytical techniques for the characterization of drug delivery systems to address interrelationships between processing, structure, and drug release. In this study, cast coatings were formed from solutions of poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene) (SIBS) and tetracycline in(More)
The susceptibility of newborn mice to the inception of tolerance after exposure to antigen is associated with their deficiency in the production of endogenous interleukin 2 (IL-2). As further evidence of the complicity of IL-2 in the inception and maintenance of tolerance, it is shown here that a solid and long-lasting state of tolerance induced by the(More)
Several lipofection reagents were tested on chick embryo retinal cultures using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a reporter gene; best results were obtained with the GenePORTER (GP) reagent, which yielded approximately 4.4% of the cells with intense GFP fluorescence. Cell survival and structural differentiation appeared normal, but one of the(More)
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