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International Institutions and Socialization in Europe: Introduction and Framework
International institutions are a ubiquitous feature of daily life in many world regions, and nowhere more so than contemporary Europe. While virtually all would agree that such institutions matter,
Why Comply? Social Learning and European Identity Change
Why do agents comply with the norms embedded in regimes and international institutions? Scholars have proposed two competing answers to this compliance puzzle, one rationalist, the other
Norms, Institutions, and National Identity in Contemporary Europe
The constructivist study of norms faces two central challenges—reintegrating agency into its largely structural accounts and unpacking its arguments at the national level. This article addresses
The constructivist turn in international relations theory
In recent years, constructivist thinking about global politics has brought a breath of fresh air to international relations. By exploring questions of identity and interest, constructivist scholars
International Norms and Domestic Politics:
In recent years, students of regimes and norms have paid greater attention to domestic politics. Both liberals and constructivists are `unpacking' the state in ways that further our understanding of
Social construction and integration
Social construction, which has made key contributions to contemporary international relations (IR) and institutional theorizing, has yet to make significant in-roads among scholars of integration.
Integrating Institutions
Three central goals motivate this introductory essay and the articles that follow. First, we seek better understanding of the EU's own institutions, especially to the extent that they play a role in
Process Tracing: From Philosophical Roots to Best Practices
This paper has two overarching goals – to summarize recent developments on the philosophical and practical dimensions of process tracing, and to identify features common to best practices of it on
Process tracing : from metaphor to analytic tool
This chapter discusses process tracing from philosophical roots to best practices, systematizing process tracing with Bayesian analysis, and improving process tracing in the case of multi-method research.