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Previous studies have demonstrated that both visual and proprioceptive feedback influence motor control. The relative contributions of these sensory modalities to the on-line computation of body position--that is, the body schema--remain unclear. We report a study designed to explore the roles of vision and proprioception in motor planning. The task(More)
We report a 53-year-old patient (AWF) who has an acquired deficit of audiovisual speech integration, characterized by a perceived temporal mismatch between speech sounds and the sight of moving lips. AWF was less accurate on an auditory digit span task with vision of a speaker's face as compared to a condition in which no visual information from the lower(More)
One potential source of folkbiological knowledge loss is changing patterns of interaction with the natural world stemming from ''modernizing'' material change. This article compares models of plant knowledge among age-matched groups of children and adults in two communities of a municipality located in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Use of the Cultural(More)
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