Jeffrey Stroomer

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The CD44 protein family consists of isoforms, encoded by standard exons and up to nine alternatively spliced variant exons (v2-v10), which are expressed in a tissue-specific way. Expression of v6-containing variants (CD44v6) has been related to aggressive behavior of various tumor types and was shown to be particularly high in squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).(More)
The influence of using computerized visual communication on preoperative communication between the surgeon and the patient was analysed. This was a retrospective study based on a questionnaire completed by 50 patients who had undergone various facial plastic surgical procedures. Prediction tracings and postoperative slides were compared by the surgeon. The(More)
BACKGROUND Rhenium-186 (186Re) has ideal properties for adjuvant radioimmunotherapy (RIT). However, the lack of suitable methods for high dose 186Re labeling of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) has hampered the use of 186Re in clinical RIT. After development of a chemically identical multistep procedure for the production of 186Re-MAG3-MAb and(More)
We deene and characterize switching, an operation that takes two tableaux sharing a common border and \moves them through each other" giving another such pair. Several authors, including James and Kerber, Remmel, Haiman, and Shimozono, have deened switching operations; however, each of their operations is somewhat diierent from the rest and each imposes a(More)
We study four operations defined on pairs of tableaux. Algorithms for the first three involve the familiar procedures of jeu de taquin, row insertion, and column insertion. The fourth operation, hopscotch, is new, although specialised versions have appeared previously. Like the other three operations, this new operation may be computed with a set of local(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated the remarkable impact of facial plastic surgery on the perception of facial features. However, pre- and postoperative differences other than the surgically changed features such as facial expression, hairstyle, make-up etc., have influenced the results of previous studies. To exclude these visual cues a computer composite(More)
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