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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To support policy planning for health, the barriers to the use of health information and computer technology (ICT) by nurses in Australia were determined. BACKGROUND Australia, in line with many countries, aims to achieve a better quality of care and health outcomes through effective and innovative use of health information. Nurses(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES A study was undertaken of the current knowledge and future training requirements of nurses in information and computer technology to inform policy to meet national goals for health. BACKGROUND The role of the modern clinical nurse is intertwined with information and computer technology and adoption of such technology forms an important(More)
—Information privacy is a major concern in many areas and none more so than in healthcare. E-healthcare is the use of web-based systems to share and deliver information across the internet. The design of proper models for authorization and access control for e-Health system services is necessary in a large health service. Usage control has been considered(More)
One of the challenges facing health and welfare policymakers as well as researchers in most developed countries is the increasing demand for aging services and aged care. Low birth rates and rapid increases in the percentages of elderly people make aging and aged care one of the top-priority issues among the national agenda of many countries. The responses(More)
In this paper we investigate the application of IEEE 802.16-based broadband wireless access (BWA) technology to e-health system for rural areas. A qualitative comparison between third-generation wireless systems and the WiMAX technology is given. A survey on telemedicine services using traditional wireless systems is presented. The advantages of using WiMAX(More)
Competencies by nurses in information technology (IT) are essential to health care in Australia yet data suggest deficiencies in access and use. A study commissioned by the Australian Government aimed to determine the extent of access and use and the barriers to the use of IT among nurses across Australia. A survey was distributed to 10,000 members of the(More)