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Figure 3. Document description for RUNOFF to produce the document of Figure 2. Command lines begin with a period (.). The other hnes are text lines. Since there was no significant blank character m RUNOFF (unpaddable space character), " .nojust" is invoked before the itemized listing to prevent extra spaces from being inserted into the lines. Filling of(More)
Textbook figures are often converted into a tactile format for access by blind students. These figures are not truly accessible unless the text within the figures is also made accessible. A common solution to access text in a tactile image is to use embossed Braille. We have developed an alternative to Braille that uses QR codes for students who want(More)
Diagnostic self-tracking, the recording of personal information to diagnose or manage a health condition, is a common practice, especially for people with chronic conditions. Unfortunately, many who attempt diagnostic self tracking have trouble accomplishing their goals. People often lack knowledge and skills needed to design and conduct scientifically(More)
Textbook images are converted into tactile graphics to be made accessible to blind and low vision students. The text labels on these graphics are an important part of the image and must be made accessible as well. The graphics usually have the labels embossed in Braille. However, there are some blind and low vision students who cannot read Braille and need(More)
We describe the design of a hybrid system -- a combination of a Dynamic Graphical Model (DGM) with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) -- to identify activities performed during synthetic biology experiments. The purpose is to provide real-time feedback to experimenters, thus helping to reduce human errors and improve experimental reproducibility. The data consists(More)
We discuss the development of Tactile Graphics with a Voice (TGV), a system used to access label information in tactile graphics using QR codes. Blind students often rely on tactile graphics to access textbook images. Many textbook images have a large number of text labels that need to be made accessible. In order to do so, we propose TGV, which uses QR(More)
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