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—Inductive-peaking-based bandwidth extension techniques for CMOS amplifiers in wireless and wireline applications are presented. To overcome the conventional limits on bandwidth extension ratios, these techniques augment inductive peaking using capacitive splitting and magnetic coupling. It is shown that a critical design constraint for optimum bandwidth(More)
—A switched-capacitor power amplifier (SCPA) that realizes an envelope elimination and restoration/polar class-G topology is introduced. A novel voltage-tolerant switch enables the use of two power supply voltages which increases efficiency and output power simultaneously. Envelope digital-to-analog conversion in the polar transmitter is achieved using an(More)
A fully integrated switched-capacitor power amplifier (SCPA) utilizes switched-capacitor techniques in an EER/Polar architecture. It operates on the envelope of a nonconstant envelope modulated signal as an RF-DAC in order to amplify the signal efficiently. The measured maximum output power and PAE are 25.2 dBm and 45 %, respectively. When amplifying an(More)
A digitally-controlled switched-capacitor RF power amplifier (SCPA) is implemented with a transformer-based power-combiner in 90nm CMOS. The individual SCPA cores can be controlled to provide high average output power and linearity in an “all-switching” mode or increased dynamic range in a “sequential-switching” mode. The SCPA(More)
A digitally-controlled switched-capacitor RF power amplifier (SCPA) that uses a dual-supply voltage, class-G architecture is implemented in 65nm CMOS. It implements signal envelope digital-to-analog conversion using switching functions controlled by digital logic to achieve superior efficiency and linearity at output power backoff. The SCPA delivers a peak(More)
This paper presents a quadrature switched-capacitor power amplifier (SCPA) that achieves similar output power and efficiency as polar/EER based digital PAs. It combines in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) signals on a shared capacitor array in the charge domain. The SCPA utilizes a class-G dual-supply architecture to improve efficiency at backoff. This(More)