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In order to fully understand protein kinase networks, new methods are needed to identify regulators and substrates of kinases, especially for weakly expressed proteins. Here we have developed a hybrid computational search algorithm that combines machine learning and expert knowledge to identify kinase docking sites, and used this algorithm to search the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of field directionality mapping (FDM) or spatial spectrum estimation in dynamic environments with a maneuverable towed acoustic array. Array processing algorithms for towed arrays are typically designed assuming the array is straight, and are thus degraded during tow-ship maneuvers. In this paper, maneuvering the array is(More)
— This paper addresses the problem of direct-path passive broadband localization of a shallow-water acoustic source with a sparsely distributed set of sensors in the presence of uncertain multipath propagation. The classical approach to broadband source localization with sensors spaced many wavelengths apart involves time delay estimation (TDE) via(More)
This work concerns the development of field directionality mapping algorithms for short acoustic arrays on mobile maneuverable platforms that avoid the left/right ambiguities and endfire resolution degradation common to longer non-maneuverable line arrays. In this paper, it is shown that short maneuverable arrays can achieve a high fraction of usable(More)
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