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We studied the activation and interaction of cortical motor regions during simple, internally paced and externally paced right-hand finger extensions in healthy volunteers. We recorded EEGs from 28 scalp electrodes and analysed task-related coherence, task-related power and movement-related cortical potentials. Task-related coherence reflects inter-regional(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the property of voltage-sensitive current in cochlear spiral ganglion cells of the C57BL/10J mice, an inbred strain which develops early onset hearing loss. METHODS Organotypic cultures of organ of Corti were prepared from neonatal mice 0-5 days of age. Whole-cell current and voltage clamp techniques were used to study Na+, K+ and(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate whether uphill treadmill running in rats created histopathological changes within the Achilles tendon consistent with Achilles tendinosis in humans. METHODS Twenty-six mature rats selectively bred for high-capacity running were divided into run and cage control groups. Run group rats ran on a(More)
Skeletal loading enhances cortical and trabecular bone properties. How long these benefits last after loading cessation remains an unresolved, clinically relevant question. This study investigated long-term maintenance of loading-induced cortical and trabecular bone benefits in female C57BL/6 mice and the influence of a surgically induced menopause on the(More)
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