Jeffrey S. Prothero

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SUMMARY We describe Slisp (pronounced 'Ess-Lisp'), a hybrid Lisp–C programming toolkit for the development of scriptable and distributed applications. Computationally expensive operations implemented as separate C-coded modules are selectively compiled into a small Xlisp interpreter, then called as Lisp functions in a Lisp-coded program. The resulting(More)
In many fields of biology and medicine there is a pressing need for quantitative descriptions of biological structures at a resolution of micrometers. This need is currently met best by three-dimensional reconstruction from serial sections. The preliminary steps in three-dimensional reconstruction include fixation, embedding in plastic, introduction of(More)
A FORTRAN program, called AUTOSCAN, is described. This program permits the collection of photomicrographic data from serial sections to be semiautomated. In essence the user defines a box around a microscopic field of interest. Then the program drives the stage incrementally in the x and y directions, taking photographs of contiguous subfields. The box is(More)
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