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Suppression of fetal brain growth during pregnancy as the result of maternal smoking or alcohol consumption leads to significant problems for the offspring as well as for the society who must care for these individuals. Chronic maternal intake of cigarette smoke is frequently observed in humans and studies using animal models suggest that in utero nicotine(More)
Fetal exposure to ethanol is associated with growth retardation of the developing central nervous system. We have previously described a chick model to study the molecular mechanism of ethanol effects on glucose metabolism in ovo. Total membrane fractions were prepared from day 4, day 5, and day 7 chick embryos exposed in ovo to ethanol or to vehicle. By(More)
Maternal diet during pregnancy has been reported to alter the offspring's ability to respond to a glucose challenge. The current studies report changes in basal and insulin-stimulated, in vitro glucose uptake in red (soleus) and white (extensor digitorum longus) muscle fiber types, as well as whole body insulin responsiveness of adult rat offspring(More)
BACKGROUND The consumption of significant amounts of alcohol (ethanol, EtOH) may markedly increase serum triglyceride levels. This study describes a significant increase in fasting serum triglyceride (TG) levels in adult male rats whose mothers consumed EtOH. The hypertriglyceridemia occurred although the offspring never directly consumed EtOH and had(More)
Type 0A string theory in the (2, 4k) superconformal minimal model backgrounds, with background ZZ D–branes or R–R fluxes can be formulated non–perturbatively. The branes and fluxes have a description as threshold bound states in an associated one–dimensional quantum mechanics which has a supersymmetric structure, familiar from studies of the generalized KdV(More)
We study the Type 0A string theory in the (2, 4k) superconformal minimal model backgrounds, focusing on the fully non–perturbative string equations which define the partition function of the model. The equations admit a parameter, Γ, which in the spacetime interpretation controls the number of background D–branes, or R–R flux units, depending upon which(More)
The patterns of Glut1 and Glut3 glucose transporter protein and mRNA expression were assessed during embryogenesis of chicken brain and skeletal muscle, Glut4 protein levels were also evaluated in skeletal muscle and heart, and Glut1 was examined in the developing heart and liver. Glut1 protein expression was detectable throughout brain ontogeny but was(More)
where EA and EB are the expected outcomes for players A and B, and RA and RB are their ratings. Here we designate a win by 1, a loss by 0, and a draw by 0.5. The spread of the ratings is set by Λ, which for chess ratings is usually taken to be Λ = 400/ log(10) = 173.72. The result of each game updates each player’s rating according to an update rule. The(More)
Plasma can be used as a convenient medium for manipulating intense charged particle beams, e.g., for ballistic focusing and steering, because the plasma can effectively reduce the self-space charge potential and selfmagnetic field of the beam pulse. We previously developed a reduced analytical model of beam charge and current neutralization for an ion beam(More)
Palatable liquid diets for the administration of ethanol (EtOH) to animals have proven to be a major advance for the study of the effects of EtOH consumption under conditions of isocaloric nutrition of the control animals. Using a liquid diet, the original aim of the reported studies was to examine the effect of maternal EtOH consumption during pregnancy on(More)
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