Jeffrey S. Norris

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Absfract-Group collaboration capabilities have been developed for Internet-based Mars rover mission operations. Internet-based operations enables scientists to participate in daily Mars rover mission operations from their home institutions. Group collaboration enables geographically separated users to collaboratively analyze downlinked data and plan new(More)
We have developed a new operator interface system for high-DoF articulated robots based on the idea of allowing the operator to extend the robot's actual kinematics with virtual articulations. These virtual links and joints can model both primary task DoF and constraints on whole-robot coordinated motion. Unlike other methods, our approach can be applied to(More)
– The Science Activity Planner (SAP) is the primary science operations tool for the Mars Exploration Rover mission and NASA's Software of the Year for 2004. SAP utilizes a variety of visualization and planning capabilities to enable the mission operations team to direct the activities of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. This paper outlines some of the(More)
We overview our recent development and testing of the FIDO rover, an advanced technology prototype for long range mobile planetary science. The current rover is capable of semi-autonomously navigating to, and gathering multi-modal science data from widely dispersed rock-soil targets of interest. Commands are input to FIDO through a high-level " web "(More)
The Mars Polar Lander (MPL) mission is the first planetary mission to w e Internet-based distributed ground operations where scientista and engineers cod labornte in daily mission operations f+om multiple geographically distributed locations via the Internet. This paper describes the operations system, the Web Interface for Telescience (WITS), which is used(More)
This paper describes recent extended field trials performed using the FlDO (Field Integrated Design & Operations) rover, an advanced NASA technology development platfonn and research prototype for the next planned rover mission to Mars. Realistic physical simulation of the NASA 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers mission was achieved through collaborative efforts(More)
– The Science Activity Planner (SAP) is the science planning tool used for the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. This paper begins with an overview of the software developed for MER and how it was used for science downlink analysis and activity planning. The overview of SAP is then followed by a report on a number of new development efforts that aim to(More)
—The science activity planning process for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission was exercised in a ten day terrestrial rover field test in August 2002. A version of the MER mission Science Activity Planner (SAP) tool was used for downlink data visualization and uplink plan generation. The Field Integrated Design and Operations (FIDO) rover was at(More)
—The Science Activity Planner (SAP), currently under development by our group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory , will be the primary tool used for science data assessment and science activity planning during the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission. As part of its data visualiza-tion capability, SAP interactively displays 3D terrain surface data(More)